Introducing Fig – a companion on your journey to better health

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Games that make a difference.

We create meaningful games that nudge people – our playtients™ – into healthy habits. Our games and characters act as companions on the journey to better health.

Developed together with Playtients™.

We believe in the co-creation of games. We bring leading scientists, game developers, and playtients™ together to create inclusive and meaningful experiences.

CE marked and registered as a medical device.

Our games are developed in accordance with regulations and quality standards for medical products. Fig is the first-ever game for supporting medication adherence but is also CE marked and registered as a medical device.

Fig Beta

Try our first game Fig: A Playtient Journey yourself!

A clinical trial is starting soon in Sweden, thus no user tests are open here.

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Living with depression or bipolar disorder is not easy. From now on, you’ll receive a little bit of help from the Universe!