Let Fig be your guide on the journey to better health

You are not alone

Living with depression or bipolar disorder is not easy. From now on, you’ll receive a little bit of help from the Universe.

Wanna know how?

Say Hi to Fig

Fig is an alien that just crashed on an unknown planet and desperately needs your help in what seems to be a scary place. Fig needs to take medication – and so do you! A perfect start for a companionship.


Together, you will embark on a journey for better health.

How it works

Build a home

Visualize your progress by building a home in a magical world and make the best out of your medication by adding sleep, food, and activity routines.

Keep track of your progress

Keep track of your journey to see the positive steps that you’re taking.

Share your adventure

Share your progress with your support network.

You are in good hands

Fig is developed together leading scientists, game developers, and patients to build engaging support to start your medication.

We are pioneers in certified game development that meets medical device quality standards.

Taking medication matters

Medicines will not work if you do not take them. Still, only every other person takes their medication as prescribed. This is a fundamental problem that we see in most chronic diseases. One of them is mental health.


Our mission is to support you to get started with your treatment in a fun and meaningful way.

Playtient™ feedback

“The app is really simple to use and the reminder system is gold’s worth. Usually I forget my pill and take it at different times every day but with Fig and the alarm that has changed.”

“Fig is like a blanket for my heart.”

“Even if it’s a small thing having Fig in your pocket, to let you know that it’s normal and it is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. That makes all the difference.”

Fig Beta

Fig Beta in UK & Ireland is now open!