Games that you can trust.

CE marked and registered as a medical device.

Our games are developed in accordance with regulations and quality standards for medical products. Fig is the first-ever game for supporting medication adherence but is also CE marked and registered as a medical device.

Data security is at the heart of our products.

Our goal is to gather scientists, health care experts, and providers around you, creating an ecosystem to provide a personalized treatment experience. To understand what affects your well-being, we collect anonymized health and usage data from our games. Your anonymized data is combined with all other patients’ data and together you help us to improve our games. All your data is end-to-end encrypted, protected with state of the art technical solutions, and we don´t read or use your personal data in any way. That said, we produce and use an anonymized version of your data which cannot be traced back to you, in compliance with GDPR.